Hi Eli. Although I’m sure things are still extremely hectic with the cleanup after Pesach, I wanted to take a quick minute to send you a note of thanks.

This was our family’s first Pesach program, and we were unsure of what to expect. We’ve heard and seen stories of what happens with some of these smaller programs. That being said, your program truly impressed us in every way, and left a tremendous impression on me and my family.

The program was professionally coordinated from beginning (cake in our room to welcome us) to end (the “chometz party”). The program was not too crowded, the trips were well planned out and very interesting, the service was amazing, and the food was unbelievable – both in taste and presentation.

We met great people and made new friends. Nobody was ready to go home by the end of it. This definitely made our list for best family vacation!


Jason S. New York – Pesach 2019


On behalf of my family,  I want to thank you for your remarkable hospitality over Pesach. 

I already mentioned that I had heard good things about your program,  but I must say that it by far exceeded all of our expectations. 

The staff at the hotel were always incredibly helpful, and the whole environment was wonderfully calm and relaxing. 

If we have to celebrate Pesach in galut, I can’t think of a better place than in the gallia palace and hope to have the chance to experience it again in the future. 

Warm regards,

Moishe E. London – Pesach 2018


Hello Eli and family

We would like to thank you again for the lovely stay we had with you in Sicily. The Hotel, the food and your hospitality is unforgettable.

Continue to have much hazlacha.

Best regards from us four

Miki & Chana / Marcel & Monique, Zurich – Summer 2017


Dear Eli,

Thanks for organising such a wonderful family holiday.  Best food ever and lovely hotel.  Thank you especially for the minyan and to your guests for their 100 per cent attendance.  Keep us informed about your future events.

We wish you and your family a Chodesh Tov followed by a happy and sweet New Year.

Best wishes,

Hadassa and Clive, London – Summer 2017


I was very impressed with the programme in practically every respect. The hotel was comfortable and the staff couldn’t have been more helpful and accommodating. The hotel was certainly large enough for the number of rooms to find a quiet corner should that be required.
As for the kosher programme, Eli was professional, personable and nothing was too much to ask of him.
The food was excellent and plentiful and what I liked most was that snacks and drinks were happily provided however often it was required. There was no penny-pinching on his part and that is highly commendable.
The waitering staff (especially Gigi who primarily looked after us) was incredibly good. He not only looked after us, but pre-empted our desires based on previous requests.
Tours were organised (not that we went) and there was entertainment in the evenings.
The services were a bit of a shambles with Sephardim/Ashekanzim/French/English/Italian clientele all with different agendas. Having said that, it managed to work.
The sun also shined all the time which helped considerably!
It is not our type of thing to have an all-inclusive Pesach programme, but if we were to seek it in the future,
I would not hesitate to return to the Gallia Palace so long as Eli was running it.

Ian, London – Pesach 2017


Hi Eli and Judith

We hope you are now well over Pesach and able to enjoy your new baby! We want to thank you again for a lovely Chag. We all had a wonderful time and appreciate the care you took to make us all feel welcome. The service was excellent and the staff of the hotel were friendly and most helpful and the lovely surroundings were enhanced by the perfect weather.

John and Arlene, London  – Pesach 2017


Now back in the uk I would like to thank you you and your team for organising the pesach programme which I thoroughly enjoyed together with my 2 friends. It was absolutely lovely and together with the delicious food a good time was had by all. I also enjoyed the spiritual aspects of the program and please thank Sarah for her shiurim. Wishing you much success.

Rose, London – Pesach 2017


Everything about the holiday was perfect, from the company of such a diverse group of people creating such a special atmosphere, to your calm attention to detail in every possible aspect, to the special events, to the outings and of course the amazing food.
It truly was a חג to remember.

Leila, London – Pesach 2017


To the staff of Punta Ala, Thank you for the excellente service I enjoyed during the 6 nights at Punta Ala. I hope to see you again in the not too distant future. With best regards for a successful summer. 

Michael, London – Pessach 2017