Strictly Glatt Kosher, our Restaurant offers one of the most refined Italian cuisine.


Our restaurant, strictly Glatt Kosher, No Kitnios and No Gebrocht, is renowned for its most refined Italian cuisine.

Shmuroh Matzo only (machine and hand made).

To the appreciation of all our guests, Ashkenazi and Sephardi typical dishes are served as well.




A wide selection of unique courses, a consistent quality of food second to none are what makes our Catering service one of the best. Boruch Hashem, we have gained our reputation by providing the finest Italian quality foods, tastefully prepared by our Milanese Chef.

Breakfast Buffet.

Lunch and Dinner courses are served at table by professional waiters.

Upon request and availability, we could customize a Private Seder.





Apart from the included wines, our wine list offers a wide range of premium Israeli and Italiain wines.





The Bar will be open almost all-day long with hot drinks and cakes.

A buffet of first courses will be served in the afternoon for those who will have the pleasure to eat something before dinner.



Kashrus Certificate

The Kashrus is guaranteed by Rabbi Menahem Hadad, chief Rabbi of Brussels, Belgium, 1K-Kosher Administrator.

A team of mashgichim tmidim yere shamaim, a Rabbi on the premises, will take care that everything will be managed with the highest kashrus standards.

Products used in our kitchen are exclusively Mehadrin.

To read a Rabbonus article on our Kashrus click here.




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EJ Restaurant, an unforgettable experience!